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OnlineBingo.co.uk Updates its Review Pages

One of Britain's leading online bingo portal and reviews websites, OnlineBingo.co.uk, recently updated its review pages, adding a lot more information to its already massive collection of information especially about bingo gaming. Some of these recent additions are site statistics, testimonials, jackpots and winners.

The online site thinks that it would be good to add statistics with testimonials because it provides an opinion which can be intriguing to be read with facts. The two of them can give the user a world of information.

On the other hand player testimonials are a very important key factor not only to the gaming industry, but to others as well because they provide the honest opinion of the user about the product or service. A user can log on to OnlineBingo.co.uk to look at these testimonials which can help them decide at which site they want to take part in. The site makes sure that they follow every player testimonial to ensure its truthfulness and will not post it on the website until they have proven that it is authentic. Bingo UK, one of the online bingo sites in Britain, have already gotten 10 positive testimonials about their services which are posted on OnlineBingo.co.uk.

The spokesman for OnlineBingo.co.uk, Ben Starr commented that they make sure that all of the testimonials sent to them regarding a particular online bingo site are authentic and supports them, not criticizing them or demeaning to them. The words of the players in their testimonials can already give a general insight that most of them prefer and anyone can look at these testimonials and decide for themselves which online bingo site that they would choose based on these testimonials.

One of the new sections in the site is the "jackpots and winners." OnlineBingo.co.uk wants to focus on how the jackpots for online bingo sites are getting bigger and bigger. One of them, the Virgin Bingo Jackpots and Winners section shows a lone user, codenamed Tizzy111, who just recently won a huge 18,000 UK Pounds. It shows that real people do win, a small or a big jackpot. The usernames are use so any player can chat to the winner if they are very lucky.

Lastly, the promotions sections on the site has also been updated. Instead of a brief summary of the promotions on the main body of the site review in OnlineBingo.co.uk, it can now be found in a separate section. These promotions are updated on a weekly basis so players can have the opportunity to try the special offers that online bingo sites offer. The recent World Cup promotions have already been removed and replaced by their current summer offering.

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