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Do you want more bingo jargon? Here's some:

G.T.I.: A bingo dauber that electronically marks the numbers on your bingo cards. This is especially useful in games where you have multiple cards, say, more than four cards. It is very hard to keep track of the numbers drawn without a G.T.I., so if you really want to play multiple cards, it is recommended you use the G.T.I.

Hard way bingo: When a straight line bingo pattern is won without the use of the free space in the middle. It is called as such because it is a hard win. In a regular straight line bingo pattern, you can use the free space, meaning, you will only have to cover four spaces. On the other hand, because you cannot use the free space in hard way bingo, you will have to cover five numbers instead of just four.

Jackpot: A huge amount of prize money, in which a difficult bingo pattern is completed. Naturally, everybody wants to win the jackpot prize, but it is very hard to achieve.

Minimum buying: This is the amount of money that a bingo player must spend to participate in a bingo game. This is comparable to the buy-in in poker games.

Money ball: Sometime before the game begins, the caller draws a special number, and that is the money ball. That number is special because when you complete a pattern with that number, you get double the prize. Bingo organizers use the money ball to make the games more interesting and exciting.

Pattern: This is the figure that the bingo players must complete on their bingo cards to win. Some patterns are very simple like the four corners and the straight line. Other patterns are harder to complete because they are more complicated and they require more numbers to cover.

Progressive Jackpot: This term is used for a jackpot prize which has grown larger through time. Usually, it happens when no one won the jackpot in the previous round, and the amount is carried over to the next one. Of course, as the progressive jackpot becomes bigger, the more people become interested in playing, thus the chance of you winning becomes smaller.

Rainbow Pack: This is different from regular packs because, instead of playing for just one prize, you get to play for a variety of prizes using this pack.

Six Pack: This is a pattern achieved by covering six numbers that form a block on any of your bingo cards.

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