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The Bingo Caller Profession

Being a bingo caller is a very challenging and rewarding job. Aside from having to face and communicate with hundreds of bingo players, a bingo caller has to be clear and careful with his voice. Add to that is the challenge of having to verify the winners and settling disputes that may arise from a bingo game.

A bingo caller, in case you don't know, is the person who calls out the numbers of the bingo balls that roll out of the cage during a bingo game. A bingo caller is to bingo as the dealer is to blackjack. Bingo callers are at one time also bingo players. However, not every bingo player can qualify to become a good bingo caller.

For one, a bingo caller should be able to speak very fast as well as to pronounce the numbers and words very clearly. The bingo caller has to call out the numbers quickly to keep the game's level of excitement very high and to maintain the game's momentum. He also has to pronounce or articulate the words and numbers clearly to avoid confusion and mistakes by the players. A good bingo caller can call out as many as 20 words a minute.

A bingo caller should also know the various bingo terms or lingo used in a game, such as "lucky legs" for number 11 and "clickety click" for number 66. These bingo terms add a new dimension of fun and excitement, keeping the players on their feet as they try to understand the lingo used by the bingo caller. To avoid confusion, the bingo caller also has to call out the actual number aside from the term used to describe it. Aside from calling out the numbers, a bingo caller also has to verify the winning cards.

A bingo caller's job cannot be described as boring or lifeless. Aside from the satisfaction one can get from being a bingo caller, there are also awards given out to the best bingo callers in a state or country. In the United Kingdom, the Bingo Caller of the Year award is given to the best bingo caller in the country. The winner gets cash prizes, the chance to work in Las Vegas bingo halls and the opportunity to become the country's bingo ambassador. If you want to have a little challenge and excitement in your bingo life, then you should try to apply as a bingo caller at your local bingo hall.

How about online bingo callers? Online bingo callers are not real people, but pre-recorded voice clips that are played when a number comes out. Many online bingo software can even change the "voice" of the bingo caller to fit with the current theme. For example, a bingo caller in a 90-ball UK-style online bingo game would have a British accent and use British terms and slang that British players can identify with. This feature makes online bingo as close the real thing as possible.

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